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Accidents Involving Death and Injury

Can I be charged if someone dies or is injured in a traffic accident?

            Yes. For many people, this is a nightmare situation. You're driving and someone steps into the road, or cuts in front of you, or runs a red light, and causes a crash you're involved in. Then the police investigate and the bad driver or distracted pedestrian has passed away, and you're left facing criminal charges. This is a real concern for many drivers in Northern Virginia. Each year, there are dozens of traffic-related deaths in Fairfax County and surrounding areas. Mr. Tyler Bezilla dealt with many of these types of cases during his time as a Commonwealth. If you were involved in a crash where someone was injured or killed, speak to an experienced Traffic Defense Lawyer today.

What are the consequences if someone is injured or dies in a traffic accident?

            It depends on what the Commonwealth charges. These cases can be very complex, because the police are trying to piece together everything that happened leading up to an accident. If they charge you with involuntary manslaughter, you'll be facing up to 10 years in prison. If they charge you with reckless driving, you could face up to 12 months in jail. Even if they charge you with a traffic offense, there can be serious consequences for your driver's license and insurance costs. And a conviction can be used against you in a civil lawsuit, making it easier for the injured person to sue you. Mr. Tyler Bezilla has trained with the Crash Reconstruction Team of the Fairfax Police Department and handled many of these types of cases. If you need an experienced Traffic Defense Lawyer, call him today.

Why are these cases more complicated than your average traffic charge?

            In a normal traffic case, a patrol officer arrives on the scene of a crash, takes statements and pictures, and then issues tickets. Generally, no one is getting arrested or hauled away in cuffs. But, if someone involved in the accident is injured or killed, the officers call the Crash Reconstruction Unit (CRU).

Most counties and the Virginia State Police have teams of detectives who are specially trained and experienced in investigating traffic-related crimes. They may obtain a search warrant for your car, get a copy of the black box, or try to seize your phone or documents. They may investigate where you were before the accident and what you were doing. They may talk to your relatives, your workplace, and other witnesses to see what led to the accident. They will conduct a thorough investigation into your life that a patrol officer wouldn't do. This can even include submitting scientific evidence to laboratories for state experts to examine. If you are charged with a traffic offense involving an injury or a death, you will be under the same type of investigative scrutiny that serious felons face. Worst of all, this investigation will take place even if you were not at fault for the accident.

            Mr. Tyler Bezilla worked hand in hand with these detectives throughout Northern Virginia as a prosecutor. Now he defends clients who are charged with traffic offenses involving injuries or death. Call him today and speak with an experienced Traffic Defense Attorney about your case.

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